My Stories

As I publish various novels and other stories, I will have notes about them here, and each story series may spin off into its own blog. Most of the novels I write are intended as part of a longer series.

I Will Love You Forever, which was a Compton Crook Finalist in 2016, is the beginning of my Protector series. This series is about an alien artificial intelligence probe which comes to Earth and is forced to merge with a human woman to keep her alive. The first book is about the struggle her husband has in also keeping them both alive, and in protecting her from governmental forces that would destroy them both.

The next book in the series is I Will Protect You, wherein we learn that the alien notions of protection are not really like ours. The alien entity is here to make contact and deliver a message, but its mission is derailed because of love, which it has never encountered before. The stakes turn out to be much higher than even the alien AI had suspected.

The third book will be about the message delivered by the alien probe and what the human race does about it.

The fourth book will be about the race that built the probe arriving at Earth.